Virtual Power Plant (VPP) – What next?

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Virtual Power Plant (VPP) – What next?

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

If you have read the news lately or read any articles about energy, you may have came across the term ‘Virtual Power Plant’ or ‘VPP’. A virtual power plant is a cloud-based system that allows multiple homes or businesses to link together their energy storage systems or generators creating a network. This network enables them to ‘trade’ energy between each other, creating better balance for the energy grid, balancing supply and demand.

The VPP or Virtual Power Plant monitors the network, making small adjustments where necessary, creating a more stable grid with better energy efficiency.

Not only is this a more stable way to provide stable energy supply. When it contains multiple energy storage systems or battery storage solutions, it is greener and ultimately much cheaper too.

How does it work?

Demand on the grid varies depending on a number of factors. The small adjustments that a Virtual Power Plan or VPP can make create a substantial difference. For example, an office block with air conditioning running overnight when very few people are in the building. By dimming the lights or lowering the air conditioning demand, multiplied by thousands, the savings starts to really add up without disruption to the demand.

How does a domestic VPP work with battery storage?

In order to maximise the benefits, battery storage is a must. The addition of a solar storage battery, along with Solar PV (where possible), allows your VPP network to tap into and use your excess power when your batteries are full, essentially trading energy at a much lower cost than buying from the grid. When multiple homes are connected, even the homes without Solar PV can still benefit from having Battery Storage and the lower energy cost through the network (VPP).

Here at Soltaro, we are taking this concept to the next stage. Working with GJ Gardener in Australia, we are currently rolling out VPP (Virtual Power Plant) e-commerce systems. Powered by and using Soltaro Inverters with BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems).

The innovation

The lead on this project is the man behind the e-Commerce systems and omni e-sales channels for back in 2000 and we’ve all witnessed the globally success of Emirates Airlines.

He’s also the brains behind the e-Commerce renewable energy powered automated car parking stations in the UAE. (The robot car parking systems that park your car in a stacker) and we are thrilled to be working alongside him.

His team are deploying VPP’s (Virtual Power Plant’s) integrated e-Commerce systems and many new energy trading and EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging methods in alliance with some major global brands leveraging the AWS (Amazon Web Service) Cloud.

The Future

So, if you’re thinking Solar BESS, start thinking e-Commerce Fin-Tech as we see Skylights becoming Solar Panels all connecting to VPP e-Commerce and or e-Business systems and one massive VPP Eco U Solar community. Exciting eh?

Watch this space for more exciting updates about this project and many others that Soltaro are involved in for game changing e-Commerce Renewable Energy projects.  

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