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Rising Energy prices

Energy Prices are rising…

15th October 2021

…but what we can do about it?

Serious concerns have been raised about rising Energy Prices this Winter. With wholesale gas prices increasing by a massive 250%, it’s no wonder that the public are worried. 

How has it happened?

A cold European winter in 2021 has put additional pressure on supplies. Unfortunately, the stored gas levels are much lower than normal. When combined with increased demand from Asia, and China in particular. It has really put the pressure on, and more importantly, the prices up.

With bill increases of 12% this month alone in the UK. And, predicted increases of 21.8% in Northern Ireland. It seems this is a trend that will significantly affect businesses and homes alike throughout Europe and beyond.

Germany currently sits at the top of the ‘highest electricity cost’ list at 0.37 dollars per kilowatt (December 2020). The UK sits in 9th position with Australia following closely in 12th place. 

Although the price hikes and crisis are hitting the UK and Europe, high electricity prices are an issue globally. The world is adapting with better low energy products and education in relation to saving energy however, there is still more you can do.

So, you’ve installed your led lightbulbs, insulated your home, used the Eco cycle on your washing machine and turned your thermostat down. What next? With each small change, you’ll save a little energy and lower your bills.  These small changes do add up and some may require a little investment up front. But they are worthwhile. 

What else can you do?

The good news is there is much more you can do. You can easily reduce the impact of rising energy prices by utilising renewable energy. From heat pumps to biofuel, there is a solution to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Not forgetting Smart technology. Using apps and Wi-Fi to control your devices and utilise cheaper power or keep track of how you use energy. Understanding how and where energy is usd in the home can be enlightening and lead to significant change in your bills. Especially so if you are prepared to make small adaptations to your lifestyle.

One of the easiest additions to a home or business is Solar PV. Not only can you harness free daytime electricity when the sun shines. But, if you add on a combined battery such as the Soltaro AIO2, then your reliance on the grid is dramatically reduced as you can store the excess electricity and use it later in the day or night.

It all comes down to choice and budget. A little investment up front can prove invaluable over its lifetime, saving hundreds of pounds each year. The good news is that there are many ways to reduce your bills. Some require a little investment up front. Some, like lowering your thermostat a degree or using the ECO cycle on your dishwasher don’t. 

Want more tips to reduce the impact of rising energy prices in your home? Click here

If you’d like to find out more about Soltaro and what solar plus storage can do for you, please get in touch.

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