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Soltaro innovate and stand apart
8th June 2020

At Soltaro, we like to think that we stand apart from the crowd and think a little differently. 

Innovation, the need to stand apart, is not only in our strap line but part of our daily lives. So many companies use similar wording but the true interpretation can often get lost amongst the white noise.

Soltaro are different and do stand apart. We wanted to share a little of our thinking and rationale so that customers can understand why we do what we do.

You may have thought we only designed and engineered Solar Energy Storage Batteries and Inverters. Don’t get us wrong, this is a core part of our business. But, it’s where we came from and what’s in the pipeline that really makes us stand apart.

Many of our competitors, and we do mean the ‘big’ household names, can’t necessarily say that. Some use third party major components, sold with flashy branding and an inflated price tag. We are honest and open about where we come from. We started in Australia and this is where our Head Office, along with our core business and design team are still based. Our manufacturing plant is located in the far east.

The core team at Soltaro hail from a Solar installation background. Why is this important you may ask?

It may seem like a fairly mundane piece of information but it’s actually crucial in understanding what drives us. Because we hail from a practical, solar installation background, we understand the daily pains of installers worldwide. That’s why we make our systems simple to install, with software, components and hardware that are future proof. We don’t push a ‘too large’ capacity battery on a system that will never fully charge or discharge. Our team don’t like to see customers misled about battery longevity, warranty or payback.

Frustration appears when dealing with overrated manufacturers or systems that simply don’t live up to expectations. We get it.

That’s why Soltaro have started slow. We have built our solutions for energy storage and improved them time and time again. Never ones to sit and rest on our laurels, our R&D team constantly challenges and improves every detail about our energy storage systems and they never stop.

Our range of energy storage solutions is growing, with new products and software that will expand our range of services beyond the expected ‘battery and inverter’. We innovate, and are innovators, wanting to stand apart from the crowd, not follow.

Our systems, software and solutions speak for themselves and not only stack up against the big players, but have significant improvements in many areas. We cover the angles that most manufacturers simply don’t care about. Quality, Durability, True Plug and Play, Ease of Install, Flexibility and Value for Money. 

But don’t take our word for it. Read our customer testimonials and decide for yourself.

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