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sponsors Essendon FC App

Sponsors of Essendon FC App Fully charged and ready to go

5th April 2019

Sponsors Essendon FC App – We’re fully charged & ready to go!

Given that our head office in Australia is full of footy fans,  Soltaro Sponsors Essendon FC App. Here at Soltaro, we like to think we’re pretty charged up and energetic (get it?). Follow the 2019 season on their app.

We have lots in common, such as dedication, energy, passion, and drive. This sponsorship to be the perfect way to power our way through 2019. It’s an exciting time for battery storage and the entire PV and renewable marketplace. It’s also a pretty exciting footy season!

The Solar Industry

March marked the end of the (FiT) Feed-in Tariff in the UK. This had supported the Solar PV industry. It encouraged thousands of people to invest in Solar PV panels for homes and businesses.

The solar industry has seen it’s ups and downs. There is now a huge target for investment in renewable technology. Our ‘grid’ infrastructure grows older and in demand more than ever.

The EU target of 40% of all electricity coming from a renewable source before 2020 is looming. The UK, amongst many other countries, is way behind.

So, what next for Solar Power?

The UK may no longer have the Feed-in Tariff, but there are incentives for solar battery storage. Schemes are already in place in other countries such as Ireland, Europe, and Australia.

Even without any incentive, solar battery storage is a sound and wise investment. In hot countries like Australia, savings can be made on the cost of air conditioning.

Are you Utilising an existing Solar PV system or thinking about adding one to your home or business? It is a commitment to saving money on your bills, an investment in renewables is one you won’t regret.

The systems are economical, compact with modern designs. The system will compliment your home with the least disruption thanks to a plug and play set up.

Plug and play

As soon as you ‘plug’ in your system, you start storing your generated solar power. Why send it all back to the grid, when you can use it at a time that suits you, your family or your business.

Utilise cheaper energy tariffs to get further savings. Especially important for businesses running heavy equipment or large premises..

So, take a look at Soltaro. Our batteries are the safest in class. Because of our commitment to quality, we can offer a 10 year (or 10,000 charging cycles) warranty. This is something most of our competitors only dream of.

The future of Solar Energy Storage

The future of our energy production and consumption will be through renewable technology. Over 60% of UK residents are already considering solar storage battery systems. It won’t be long before this type of technology is as common as double glazing.

Why wait? A low-cost outlay, quick and easy installation and instant savings – take action now! It’s the one thing you can do this Spring to put a bounce in your step!

As Soltaro sponsors Essendon FC App we are looking forward to a supercharged winning season

Soltaro battery storage proud sponsors of Essendon FC App

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