Electricity for Free? Yes, you can.

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Electricity for Free? Yes, you can.

Think battery storage and start saving by storing your ‘free’, generated electricity.

Free Electricity? Sounds crazy, but many people with Solar Panels give away free electricity to the grid every day.

5% of your entire household spend is on energy to heat and power your home. This may sound like a small figure. But when the average home spends approx. £110 per month on gas and electricity, it quickly adds up. This, combined with an average annual energy price increase, really starts to impact your home in many ways.

Many homes are looking for ways to improve their energy efficiency and save money on their bills. Often, investing in renewable technology helps to kick start the savings.

How do I start Saving on my Electricity?

Of course, we all know the easy changes you can implement. For instance, replacing old light bulbs with led, which incidentally are one of the largest electricity household spends. Follow this up with insulation, energy efficient household devices and smart meters, and you can start to feel the benefits.

As a household, you may ask what next? You’ve made small changes and seen some reduction in your energy costs. But buying your energy from the grid, with the energy companies in control, leaves you at their mercy as the prices continue to rise.

Saving with Solar Energy

Investing in Solar Panels is a great start. Generate your own power and make substantial savings, even without the feed in tariff. However, as we know with solar, you must be in the home to use the generated power or it goes straight back to the grid.

Essentially, this is where Solar Battery Storage comes into its own. The simple addition of a Solar Battery Storage Solution, will revolutionise the way you generate, store and use energy in your home.

Simply put, the battery stores the excess, generated solar power your home doesn’t use. It holds the power in the battery for use when you need it, later in the day or at night. As a consequence, by using your stored electricity at night (or whenever you want), you will save a substantial amount on your energy bills. Thereby, truly lowering your dependence on the grid. You can take back control of your energy spend and if your needs grow, expand your battery system by adding a ‘plug and play’ module. It really is that simple.

Electricity will be more widely used as we aim to go greener. By installing a cutting-edge solar storage system you’ll immediately see a strong return on your investment by generating free electricity that you’d normally buy from the grid. Moreover, as the price goes up, you’ll only save more.

How Soltaro Can Help You Save Money

Above all, Battery systems from Soltaro are very affordable, without any compromise on efficiency, usable storage or safety. The quick and easy install offers a flexible solution to your rising energy bills, safe in the knowledge that our batteries come with a 10 year warranty (or 10,000 charging cycles). Something many of our competitors fail to offer without a considerably higher price tag attached or a long waiting list for stock.

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You can also easily monitor your storage and usage on the front of the beautifully designed battery, or by using our app. You’ll be surprised at the way you use your energy and how much you’ll save on your bills too. 

So, isn’t it time you took the next step and invested in your energy future?

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